A Ministry of Voice of Gospel Ministries International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

About us

Pastor K.V. Daniel started the Mercy Homes Ministry in 2000 when he felt the need to rescue abandoned, abused, poor, and orphaned
children who were hungry, thirsty, and living on the streets of India. Mercy Homes were established to accept these children in to be raised as part of a traditional family and receive a spiritual upbringing. Mercy Homes became a ministry under Voice of Gospel Ministries International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit mission organisation established by Pastor Daniel in 1975 with the vision of reaching the unreached in India and around the world with the compassion and love of Jesus.

Mike Chaklos from Mission Viejo, California, saw the same needs on a trip to India in 2003. He came to know Pastor Daniel and the Mercy Homes Ministry at which point he started supporting these homes in India. He was later given a vision to continue this work and establish Mercy Homes throughout the world. Mercy Homes USA under the direction of Mike Chaklos currently has 24 homes in eight countries (Mexico, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Myanmar/Burma, India, and Educator) where over 173 children are now part of a family, their needs are being met, and they have HOPE for the future! In teaching them about the love of God, they learn that He has a purpose for their lives. The goal is for each one of them to become self-supporting, productive members of society who can affect positive change in their own lives and within their communities.