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We support homes there that in poor condition and a new home or remodel is badly needed.

Mercy Homes USA sponsors 11 children in Nepal where there is much poverty and poor living conditions. Please click on the video and take a walk with Mike Chaklos, the Director of Mercy Homes USA, to meet a beautiful family, see the devastating conditions in Nepal that this family lives with, and observe the need for a new Mercy Home. “Donations for these homes can be made at the Donate button on this website.  Thank you for supporting the orphans around the world.”

100% of all donations received go directly to the home and all are tax deductible. Please include contact information to receive a year-end tax donation receipt. Thank you for joining our efforts to minister to the needs of abused, abandoned and orphaned children around the world.

Donations for the Mercy Home children are accepted through Voice of Gospel Ministries International, their 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
Please add “Special Instructions” for your donation reflecting that you want to sponsor a specific child, country or project fund in the section below the dollar amount donated.